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Ursus Lorenzo Bachthaler

Er selbst sagt:

A boring biography? Is it really necessary? All i can say is: i live, i love, i read, i listen, i play. I try to make everything as intense as possible. Intensity, passion and devotion are the mothers of creativity, don’t you think so? I do. Hope you’ll find some of these mothers in “my” music and writing.


Urs Bachthaler (guitar, comp) Basel (CH):

Mir fällt bei seinem Namen auf Anhieb fogendes ein: musikalisch, jung, frisch, eloquent, interessant, abwechslungsreif…….angenehm und auch mal weniger angenehm vor allem beim Thema Politik.

Dieses Unangenehme in politischen Sachen und den Hang zu Thelonious_Monk’s Musik lässt mich hoffen, dass in kommenden Jahren noch viel von ihm  „zu Hören“ sein wird. Jazz war und ist für mich immer politisch. Amen (UM)

May be an image of text that says "BACHTHALER KOCH BÜRGIN a y f u tradition BACHTHALER // UJAK // WIPF"

Ursus Bachthaler – „Playful Tradition“
Out this November on Unit Records!! 💥💥💥
Thanks to everyone involved:
my four wonderful musician friends, who gave their all in the short and intense recordings and on every gig we play 🔥🔥🔥
To all my close friends who stood by my side in the last years through thick and thin!! I love you all ❤️❤️❤️
To Gergö Nyirö for having the eye and catching us „in action“, be it on the videos, be it live in the club. Christoph Xoff Pardey for taking great live-pictures and doing a wonderful shoot this summer on our beautiful ship Gannet! To @Eric Gut for recording us and mixing us nicely!
Thanks to Robert Fischer for being so enthusiastic and always writing me inspiring, uplifting mails during my dark times in the pandemic and letting me have his wonderful photo as the cover of our recording. Harald Haerter for believing in me and supporting me as a friend and mentor, in all aspects of my life, through bright and dark! And thanks to @Jan Kempen for creating lush album covers with me over now more than two decades 🙂
And last but not least thanks to the person who refuels me with belief and love when my soul is worn out from my own species and all it’s idiot actions, which often make me terribly sad:
Here some of the kind words about our music we already recieved:
Robert Fischer: „Mensch, Ursus, was ist dir denn da für ein tolles Album gelungen? Ich liebe es! Und zwar alles daran: die Songs, euer Spiel (jeder für sich und alle zusammen), den Mix/die Produktion – und jetzt natürlich erst recht das Cover!

Glückwunsch dein Robert“
Jorge Rossy: „I enjoyed the music of your trios. Loose and unpretentious with cool arrangements! All the best to you!“
Jonathan Kreisberg: „Yeah man!!!! Sounds great! I dig your concept on the strat for sure.“
Harald Haerter: „Kein Schweizer Gitarrist spielt heutzutage federnder und virtuoser mit – und in der Tradition wie Ursus Bachthaler!“

Ursus Bachthaler’s MONKBEATZ project live @Renée, March 13, 2016.
Ursus Bachthaler (Stratocaster&Pedals)
Benny Lackner (Prepared Piano, Wurlitzer&Effects, Synth Bass)
Rainer Winch (Drums, Synth Bass)
Filmed by Oliver Zgorelec

what an ugly beauty this bitch is we call life
we say: we see, when we should have said: bye-ya a long time ago
will it be friday the 13th until the day we’re done?
much evidence speaks for that
but don’t get me criss cross:
there’s beauty to find north of the sunset, ‚round midnight, walking down the streets, music everywhere, joy
there’s one for Ruby, my dear, and one for Boo-Boo too
if you would ask me now i’d say:
too early to fall silent
the blue sphere, brother monk
is where we’ll meet again

So what? Die Kulturbubble hat einen willkommenen Aufreger, weil sie sich offensichtlich um die essenziellen Themen drückt.

Beni Bürgin – drums

Offbeat Concert | Greg Osby/Florian Arbenz Duo; Bachthaler ...

Michael Wipf (drums)




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