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elektronische Musik in Jazz und Rock- neue kompositionsmodelle – elektronische elektronKlangerzeugung


Klassen für mein Live-Programm

1. Volker Kriegel

2. Thelonious Monk

3. Eigenes zur afrikanischen Musik

4. Experimentelles

5. Glitch-Drone Click & Cuts Traps Electronica

6. Randy Weston

7. Dollar Brand

8. Verschiedenes

8.1 Henry Threadgill

8.2 Art Ensemble

8.3 Trane

All examples are always without drumset and will change in live situations enormously through interaction. But the basic structure of the song remains in order to get a recognition value!!

I consider this project to be Work in Progress!!











Stimmen aus den ALL.mp3 – „Voices from the universe.mp3 – Kategorie 4

I have a predilection for the vastness and surprise of space sounds. I receive the Sounds and Noises on my station called „NttA“. I love everything that sounds, sounds of technical nature and above all nature sounds. I try to use these sounds as inspiration for new things.
I edit them with the usual tools today. „Voices from the universe.mp3“ are combined different space sounds with random tools. This is my starting material for further experiments. Whether it’s true random numbers for choosing different small samples I dare to doubt. But I’m sure, it’s pseudo-random.

May be you find a Touch of Acousmatic Muisc in some of my Projects. 😉

One Tool:

and another

Henry.mp3 – Kategorie 4

eigene Effekte                                                       Degrade Effect









Delay Tool



afrika_exp_Test#1.mp3 – Kategorie 4


November 26th, 2018 by Afrigal