What the Future Sounded like

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What the Future Sounded like

Musik = organisierter Klang!!

Post-war Britain rebuilt itself on a wave of scientific and industrial breakthroughs that culminated in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. In this atmosphere was born the Electronic Music Studios (EMS), a radical group of avant-garde electronic musicians who utilized technology and experimentation to compose a futuristic electronic sound-scape for the New Britain.

What The Future Sounded Like colours in a lost chapter in music history, uncovering a group of composers and innovators who harnessed technology and new ideas to re-imagine the boundaries of music and sound. Features music from Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Roxy Music and The Emperor Machine.




Peter Zinovieff (links)

rechts Peter van Hoefen

120 Jahre

Tristram Cary



David Cockerell

Nach Jimi Hendrix trauten sich auch andere an die Elektronik.

Vor ihm Frank Zappa.

Hawkwind – LSD Trip ohne LSD! 1971

Pink Floyd 1973

Tangerine Dream

Roxy Music

Brian Eno

Kraftwerk als Gesamtkunstwerk











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