Jody Linscott

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Jody Linscott

 ist eine US-amerikanische Sessionmusikerin und Percussionistin.

1971 ging Linscott nach England und arbeitete als Reparateurin für Percussion-Instrumente und Schlagzeugzubehör. Ihr Durchbruch gelang ihr mit der Musikgruppe Kokomo, die Linscott als Percussionistin engagierte. Seitdem trat sie mit international erfolgreichen Künstlern wie Eric Clapton, Elton John, Phil Collins, Mike Oldfield, Mark Knopfler, Tom Jones, Pete Townshend und Paul McCartney auf. Seit 1982 wirkte sie auf verschiedenen Livealben und Videokonzerten mit.

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Kokomo are a British band whose members were prime exponents of British soul in the 1970s. They released three albums, and the second Rise & Shine was described as „the finest British funk album of the 1970s“.

Formation and personnel

Formed in May 1973 by Tony O’Malley and Terry Stannard, ex-members of the pop group Arrival, Kokomo’s ten-piece line-up became: Dyan Birch (vocals), Frank Collins (vocals), Paddy McHugh (vocals), Tony O’Malley (keyboards, vocals), Alan Spenner (bass, vocals), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Mel Collins (saxophone), Jody Linscott (percussion), Terry Stannard (drums) and Jim Mullen (guitar). Spenner and Hubbard were from the Grease Band, Birch, McHugh, Collins and O’Malley from Arrival and Mel Collins from King Crimson. Kokomo’s first performance was at The Pheasantry, King’s Road, Chelsea in 1973, where the band’s roadie Franky Blackwell, coined the band’s name. Kokomo built an early reputation in the UK pub rock scene. Linscott joined when the band played at Dingwalls and she performed with them whilst working there as a waitress.

Musicians who played with the band at different times included: Glenn LeFleur (drums), Tony Beard (drums), John McKenzie (bass), Chris Mercer (saxophone), Andy Hamilton (saxophone), Mark Smith (bass), Neal Wilkinson (drums) and Neil Conti (drums).


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