Bernhard Wagner

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Bernhard Wagner

Instrumente:    Gitarre, Live Looping

Bereiche:         Informatik, Improvisation


His family came to Switzerland in 1979 and has lived there ever since. In 1990 he graduated as a computer science engineer from the ETH Zurich. After a few years as a software developer in a commercial company, he joined a team in what was then the MultiMedia Laboratory with Professor Peter Stucki in 1995 as a research assistant, which worked on a MultiMedia development platform. A spin-off company emerged from this team, which Bernhard headed in various roles. Today he works as a freelance software developer and as a lecturer at various technical colleges.
Bernhard is a musician who moves in different scenes. Since 2003 he has been intensively involved with live looping, which he practices in connection with guitar, voice and percussion. In 2005 he organized a three-day music festival in Zurich, at which a total of 40 artists from 10 different countries performed.
Since 2008 he has appeared regularly as a supporting act for Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin.

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