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David Zicarelli

Cycling ’74

David Zicarelli

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Visiting Faculty

David Zicarelli ’83, is a software designer and entrepreneur practicing in the area of artistic and organizational creativity.


Zicarelli’s primary work has been in the development of the Max visual programming environment used by musicians, artists, and inventors. In the late 1990s he founded Cycling ’74 to support the development and distribution of Max. The company now employs around 30 people in seven different countries, all of whom work remotely. For Zicarelli and his co-workers, Cycling ’74 is both a software company and a vehicle for exploring the interrelated challenges of distributed work, individual development, and cultural impact. Zicarelli has developed software at IRCAM, Gibson Guitar, and AT&T and has been a visiting faculty member at Bennington College and Northwestern University. BA, Bennington College; PhD, Stanford University. He returned to Bennington as a visiting faculty member for Fall 2019.



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